Current IPRH Campus Fellows

The following are the current faculty and graduate student IPRH Campus fellows.

You can learn more about each of these fellows, as well as other IPRH fellows, at the "About" section of the IPRH website.

Faculty Fellows: Race Work

Verena Höfig Germanic Languages and Literatures
“Vikings, Vinland, and White Nationalism”

Maryam Kashani Gender and Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies
“Kinship by Faith: Race, Displacement, and Islam in the Bay Area”

Natalie Lira Latina/Latino Studies
“The Pacific Plan: Race, Disability, and Sterilization in California Institutions for the Feebleminded, 1920s–1950s”

Rini Bhattacharya Mehta Comparative and World Literature, and Religion
Mens Hierarchicus: Race’s Intellectual Labor and the Global Right”

John Murphy Communication
“Protean Texts of Civil Rights: Baldwin, Hamer, and King”

Krystal Smalls Anthropology and Linguistics
“The Pot and the Kettle: Young Liberians and the Semiotics of Anti/Blackness in the Making of Contemporary Black Diaspora”

Andrea Stevens English
“Racial Masquerade and the Caroline Court, 1625–1649”

Graduate Student Fellows: Race Work

Marcelo Boccato Kuyumjian Music
“Performing Samba: Aesthetics, Transnational Modernisms, and Race”

Heather Freund History
“A Negotiated Possession: Law, Race, and Subjecthood in the Ceded Islands, 1763–1797”

John Marquez History
“Freedom’s Edge: Slavery, Manumission, and Empire in Rio de Janeiro, 1761–1808”

Erica Melko English
“Literatures of Decolonial Love: Intimacy and the Colonial Entanglements of Race and Indigeneity”

Juan Suarez Ontaneda Spanish and Portuguese
“Mobilizing the Stage(s): Race, Gender, and Performance in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru (1940–2000)”

Megan White History
“Rice Empires: Japanese rice, the USDA and the Inter-Imperial Development of the Gulf Coast Rice Industry, 1880–1924”

Rea Zaimi Geography and GIS
“Afterlives of Disinvestment: Revitalization and Infra-Structural Labor in Chicago”