IPRH's 2018–19 Theme is "Race Work."

Please join us for a diverse array of programming that meditates on the following:

The way race works shapes virtually all arenas of humanities research and practice. Race structures material life, gendered identities, political economy, criminality, imaginative landscapes, algorithmic patterns, embodied violence, electoral outcomes and a range of markers of difference. Understanding the labor race does requires multiple methodologies if we are to grapple with its rhetorical force, its social consequences and its political futures.

Race work happens in many modalities and settings—the technological, the aesthetic, the administrative, the fiscal, the performative, the narrative, the carceral, to name just a few. These give race shape as both “fact” and fiction. Race work is, and has long been, an organizing feature of politics, art, memory, the justice system, medicine, religion, the scientific imagination, and everyday life. That work can be seen in word, image, and performance. We seek faculty and graduate fellows in and allied with humanities disciplines whose research engages these questions and attempts to reckon with what is at stake in thinking about how, when, where and under what conditions race works.

Please see our calendar to learn more about our "Race Work" programming.