IPRH New Horizons Summer Faculty Research Fellowship

IPRH is now accepting applications for the New Horizons Summer Faculty Research Fellowship. This funding opportunity is designed to help faculty at the tenured Associate Professor level maximize the summer for research at a critical juncture in the arc of their professional careers.

New Horizons funding has two components:

1) Summer Faculty Research Fellowship ($7500): The New Horizons Summer Research Fellowships provide an infusion of resources for faculty members to jumpstart or fuel an ongoing research project over the summer months. Please note: As the intent is to facilitate concentrated research during the summer months, this fellowship may not be combined with other U of I summer monies or appointments (for example, for teaching or administrative appointments).

2) Undergraduate Research Assistantship in the Humanities ($2500): Giving undergraduate humanities majors an opportunity to participate in faculty research projects is a matter of particular urgency at this historical moment in the history of public higher education. Each New Horizons Summer Research Fellow will be allocated resources to hire an undergraduate research assistant to aid in their work as they see fit (details of pay, work schedule, and so on, are to be determined by the faculty fellow in consultation with the appropriate business and HR officers in the fellow’s departmental unit[s]).

We are currently accepting applications for work to be undertaken in summer 2019. Three fellows will be chosen by an ad hoc committee organized by the IPRH Director.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2019 by 5:00 p.m..

Eligibility and Terms:

This opportunity is open to tenured associate professors in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Please note that as the intent is to facilitate concentrated research during the summer months, this fellowship may not be combined with other U of I summer monies or appointments (for example, teaching or administrative appointments). The breakdown of funds is as follows:

  • $7500 in research funds will be deposited in the recipient’s departmental research account (to be used according to university policy). These funds may be used for travel and accommodation connected to research trips or for materials and equipment. The money may not be taken as summer salary. The intent of the fellowship is to make these monies available for concentrated use during the summer months; however, fellows will have until June 1 of the year following the initial period of summer activity to expend their allocated funds. Any funds remaining at that time must be returned to IPRH. Up to $1500 of this award may be allocated (in line with university guidelines) and combined with other funds to bring a scholar or other interlocutor to campus to facilitate collaborations or conversations relevant to the research project, but no portion of these funds may be used for food and drink. IPRH must be prominently credited as a sponsor of any visits to campus funded in whole or in part from the IPRH New Horizons Summer Faculty Fellowship.
  • $2500 for an undergraduate research assistant. The RA will be chosen by the Faculty Fellow and is to work primarily in the summer of 2019. The hire is to be arranged and the monies disbursed via the Fellow’s home department. Again, while the intent is for these funds to be deployed in a concentrated fashion during the summer months, the faculty fellow has until June 1st of the year following the initial period of summer activity to utilize the undergraduate research allocation. For résumé purposes, undergraduate(s) occupying this role may refer to their position as “IPRH New Horizons Humanities Research Assistant.”

A report of activities undertaken with support of the fellowship, as well as a financial report of funds expended and for what purpose, will be due by June 15th of the summer following the initial period of summer activity. (For example, for a summer 2019 fellowship, the activity and financial reports would be due June 15, 2020, and all monies that had not been used by June 1, 2020 would have to be returned to IPRH.)

Application Guidelines

The following documents are to be collated in a single pdf and sent to iprh@illinois.edu by 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline:

  • 2 page cv;
  • 3-page statement of research (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font);
  • 1 page work plan, including details of how an undergraduate research assistant will be utilized; and
  • Letter from department head or chair endorsing the application and agreeing to the transfer and administration of the funds.


The deadline for summer 2019 New Horizons Fellowships is February 15, 2019 by 5 p.m.

Selection Criteria

The applications will be reviewed by the ad hoc committee, which will makes its recommendations to the IPRH Director. The IPRH Director and Associate Director serve on the committee in an ex officio capacity. Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria: the scholarly promise of the project and the applicant’s preparation to undertake the proposed research; the quality of the narrative proposal, including the case it makes for the contributions of the project to debates in the scholar’s field(s); the feasibility of the work plan for the period of work projected; and the case for the integration of the undergraduate research assistant into the work plan.

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Questions about the IPRH New Horizons Summer Faculty Research Fellowship can be addressed to Dr. Nancy Castro, Deputy Director of IPRH, at ncastro@illinois.edu or (217) 244-7913.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2019, 5:00 p.m.