Interseminars Initiative

The Interseminars initiative aims to change the face of graduate education in the humanities by building communities of inquiry around emerging, interdisciplinary research directions

Responding to the challenges of sustaining interdisciplinary research and teaching in the arts and humanities, the INTERSEMINARS initiative provides funding and administrative infrastructure for collaborative teaching, sustained interdisciplinary inquiry, and public-facing research in the humanities and arts. Funded by a $2,000,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, INTERSEMINARS makes it possible for faculty and graduate students to undertake significant interdisciplinary research collaborations that will make a lasting impact in their long-term research trajectories and on the development of new research and curricular areas for the campus as a whole.

Each year from 2022-2025, the INTERSEMINARS initiative will support an 18-month interdisciplinary project by providing:

  • course releases and summer research funds for 2-3 faculty coordinators;
  • up to six graduate fellowships per project (including summer funding);
  • and programming funds for a public-facing culminating event (such as a conference, exhibit, or performance).

A significant component of INTERSEMINARS is to support students from populations historically underrepresented in graduate education. IPRH encourages INTERSEMINAR projects that extend the potential impact of scholarship by embracing diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences.  Within the context of the University of Illinois as a public institution of higher learning, the INTERSEMINARS initiative seeks to promote the value of heterogeneity and access in graduate education in the humanities and arts. Thus, a commitment to diversity, equity, and underrepresented populations is central to the goals of the INTERSEMINARS initiative.  

Fellowship RFPs

To submit a proposal for an Interseminar, see the Call for Proposals (faculty only)—COMING SOON

To apply to a funded Interseminar, see the Call for Applications (graduate students only)—COMING FALL 2022